I'm almost 20 years old, and as of right now I'm a working class person. I like controversy, deep talks, good music, and kickin' it with my friends.


When I say

I want a girlfriend, it doesn’t mean that I want to date leftover stunt doubles from the motion picture film “Free Willy.”  No, this isn’t a 3 in 1 deal here you see.  I’m not shallow by any means, but, do you see Kim Kardashian dating Fat Bastard?  No, you don’t.  I rest my case.

Loft Upstairs

Room with three dudes, yes, no bitches but we can ash/ Dutch Sport Cigarillos dipped in honey so where the tree at?/ I never got the As to get to sit in front of class enough f’s and d’s for teach to know its a wrap/ Or Rolled up, I rolled up this burner so set the lighters from - to + for a fiery scorcher/ The odds say it’s a game where you can’t make it, but my wordplay might dabble a bit/ You babbled said I couldn’t make it, this is an easy bake oven so I guess I’ll just cake this shit/ Raging fast while I sit back and laugh it up/ Apple turnover you were meant to fucking crumble up/ Fast, too fast, you can’t last but smell my stride where the winners take pride/

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Hot Breeze

When I said I love you/ I fucking meant that/ The other clowns lied to you so you got slapped/ Tired of assholes getting it in right while the nice guys finish last/ Told you I’d pass the bar but you’re in remedial?/ Class of 2009 and so far I’ve wasted mine but I have a plan to get back up in time/ Grab a kodak because it’s one of those moments/ I got your apology letter and sent it to Wiz for the new roll up/ Fuck your tears and pleas where the fuck was anyone when I went belly up?/ Sweeping up these lies and jokes in a pan of dust/ Don’t think I’m a man of action?  I’ll douse you in water until you rust/ 

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